Logo-Engraved Cutting Board

Give an Engraved Custom Cutting Board with your Logo to clients or staff. Designed for Awards, Real Estate Agents and Brokers, Home Builders, and Corporate Gifts. It’s the perfect unique gift that renews the memory of that unique monumental moment in time.

Engraved Custom Cutting Board 

Cutting Boards by Gift R Us Real Estate giftbox and board and oil and logo

Made from the RubberWood Tree a sustainable forest product.
Because of that, Rubberwood is referred to as an “environmentally friendly” wood.

How it Works: Click Purchase Custom Cutting Board. Provide your name and phone number that will be engraved on the board. Provide Customer/Client’s name and address for shipping. We wax your board and ship it. In three months, we send a second touch letter with a can of our special wax compound to keep the board beautiful for years.

Why a Logo Custom Cutting Board?

Real Estate Agents / Home Builders

Things like gift cards, plants, door-mats are thoughtful but forgotten after a short time, but a Logo Engraved cutting board will last for years. As I think back, the agent who sold me my home did a great job, but unfortunately, I can’t remember her name, which makes it impossible for me to use her again or even give her a referral. The money she spent on a gift card was appreciated, but the bigger picture is she lost money in the future by not making the right investment.

 A Gift for ALL Occasion (Personalize It)

  • Gifts, for example,  gift cards, flowers, gadgets, etc.  are good thoughtful gifts, they are forgotten after a short time. A Personalized Cutting Board with the Memory / Commemoration  engraved on it will last for years to come.
  • Wedding gift for a bride and groom as a reminder for years to come. A gift for your bridesmaid(s) or groomsmen to celebrate and highlight the start of your friendship.
  • Perfect for your family’s chef. Personalized just for him or her
  • This REALLY is the PERFECT gift of ALL Occasion!!!

Rubberwood Trees

Our beautiful Cutting Boards are made from Rubberwood Trees…
Yes, it’s a real tree!

Rubberwood is a light color hardwood that comes from Rubber Trees that produce latex. The latex extraction begins at about year 9 and continues until about year 30. At that point, the Rubberwood Trees are harvested for lumber to use in the furniture industry.


Because it’s plantation-grown. Rubberwood Tree is considered a sustainable forest product. The main goal of the Rubber Tree is the production of latex. After the end of its production life, the Rubberwood Tree is harvested and then replanted, starting the complete cycle over again. 


It is not indicated to be used if you suffer from a latex product allergy

Custom Cutting Boards by gift r us fire-resistant icon

Naturally, Rubberwood is resistant to burning compared to other solid woods used in Furniture Manufacturing. Even if it starts to burn, you don’t need to worry about the fumes because the wood is non-toxic.

custom cutting boards by gift r us do not put in dishwasher

To extend the life of your Custom Cutting Board and maintain your warranty, do NOT wash your cutting board in the dishwasher. HANDWASH ONLY!

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